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The Policies Listed Are For All Reservations, Bookings & Accommodations. Glam Express Reserves The Right To Post These Policies As A Public Notice As Provisional Notice That Such Policies Adhere To All Customers, Clients & Patrons. Policies Are Non-Negotiable And Set Fourth As Follows For All Transactions Via Online Booking Portal And Or Telephone Reservations.



  • 30% Reservation Fee (Deposit/Retainer) Is Non-Refundable.

  • Canceling 7 Days = No Additional Fee. 

  • Canceling 7 Days-5 Days = 50% Remaining Total Services.

  • Canceling 5 Days  = 100% Of Your Remaining Total Services.



  • Reservation Fees (Deposit/Retainer) Are Non Transferable 2 Days Prior to the Original Reservation Time. 

  • One Reschedule Per Reservation-Fee (Deposit/Retainer) Is Granted Within 72 Hrs Before Original Reservation Time.


  • No Show Or Forfeiting Reservations = 100% Of Your Total Services Plus An Additional $75.00.

  • A Fifteen Minute Maximum Grace Period Is Allotted For Late Appointments. After The Allotted 15 Minute Grace Period Services Will Not Be Rendered. You Will Incur A No Show Fee Of $75.00 In Addition To 100% Of Total Services.


  • Independent Contractors, Agents & Service Providers Of Glam Express Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone If They Feel Their Wellbeing Is Jeopardized In Any Way, Shape Or Form. Not Limited To Health & Safety Regulatory Standards & Provisions. 

  • Theft Of Independent Contractor's Products, Tools Or Equipment Will Be Reported To Local Law Enforcement, Glam Express Is Held Harmless From Any & All Claims From Either Parties Involved. Belligerence, Intoxication & Profanity From Clients & Customers, As Well As A Hostile Work Environment Is Not Tolerated & Will Be Refused Services As It Does Not Permit A Safe Work Environment For Independent Contractors.


  • A Valid Debit/Credit Card Is Held On File Via Secure Booking System For All Reservations, Services Fees, Add-Ons & Policy Fees, For Online & Telephone Reservations.

  • In The Event Fees/Charges Are Disputed Or Not Obtained All Insufficient Delinquent Accounts Will Be Forwarded To Collections & A Formal Report Will Be Filed To Customers Local Law Agency.


- Credit / Debit Cards
- Offline Payments

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